Villas Vila Nova - T3 Rustic House - (SOLD)


- Implementation of the work, including necessary field work, implantation of marks and axes, beacons and other necessary work.

- Excavation of terrain for opening shoes foundation beams, beams and foundation lintels, and for implementing the work, including ditching, drainage of water and compaction of the base, cleaning.


- Execution of an inclined roof in Tecno, Coelho da Silva type tiles, including slats, ridges, waterfalls, 8cm thermal insulation and all necessary accessories.


- Exterior masonry made of stone masonry, based on mortar.

- Supply and laying of 11cm thick ceramic brick masonry, in simple dividing walls, laid with cement mortar and sand to the 1: 4 line.


- Execution of interior ceiling in plasterboard type "Pladur" in the bedroom area and in the living room and kitchen area with wooden frame in sight.


- Execution of light concrete layer, wrapped in 8cm maximum thickness and 4cm screed, on the floors of the house and 4cm of XPS insulation;

- Supply and placement of ceramics up to 20 euros in the living room / kitchen area, sanitary facilities, circulation area and lower floor of the rooms.

- Supply and placement of 2cm thick glued bush-hammered granite on the balconies.

- Supply and placement of AC5 float, of the Finsa type, in the rooms, including cork screen.

- Lining of interior stairs / skid, mirror and landing, in varnished wood.


- Painting with plastic paint type "Rep da Robbialac" on walls and ceilings, in three coats, the first being diluted to 10% and the rest without dilution, including surface preparation, and application according to the Manufacturer's specifications;


- Supply and placement of sills with 3cm thickness in granite with 20cm maximum width.

- Supply and placement of padded beams in bush-hammered granite in 3 phases, with 30x40cm.

- Supply and placement of 30x30 square pillars in bush-hammered granite with the following heights:


- Execution of cold and hot water supply network in PPR tube and sewage network in PVC tube in 3 Wc´s and a kitchen, including assembly of box and accessories for application of meter and piping from inside the house to the box.

- Supply and execution of sanitation collection boxes, made in pre-fabricated concrete and 40x40 caps in lowered galvanized sheet and 30ml of din110mm tube including opening and closing trenches, from the dwelling to the fence wall.

- Supply and execution of septic tank


- Supply and assembly of white sanitary ware, furniture, presented in a project including all accessories and materials necessary for its assembly:


- Supply and installation of 7x1,5cm baseboard in varnished wood from Tola or equivalent, including all the works and materials necessary for its good application, to be placed in all compartments except bathrooms.

- Supply and placement of flat interior doors in Tola or equivalent, including varnished, frames, fittings, handles, hinges and all other necessary accessories:

- Supply and placement of wardrobes embedded in melanin clad with Tola, including varnishing and accessories.


- Execution of all electricity and ITED tasks with EFAPEL Logus 90 white / ivory mirrors, including:


- Supply and placement of aluminum exterior frames, Dallas 60 Straight Line with Thermal Break System, Guardian Sun double glass 4mm + 18 + 4mm, white color with the following description:


- Supply and placement of gutters and drop tubes in aluminum sheet in Ral color to be defined:

- Supply and placement of 4 collection boxes made of prefabricated concrete and 30x30 lids in lowered galvanized sheet and 38ml of din110 / 125mm tube including opening and closing trenches, from the dwelling to the fence wall.


- Execution of a 1.10m high sealing wall, in treated pine wood with resistance to the outside.


- Placement and supply of Thermosiphon Solar Panel with 300L tank

- Placement and supply of the barbecue according to the project.

- Placing and supplying a fireplace

- Placement and supply of exterior pavement on Portuguese pavement about 90m2 (according to the drawings)


- Placement and supply of air conditioning, with the application of 3 Splits in the bedrooms and 1 Split in the Living Room / Kitchen. + 7.000€

- 4m x 8m pool with chlorine system + 20.000€